There’s always an endless list of registry items out there that you shouldn’t miss. But, did you know that you can shorten that list by identifying which serves more than one purpose? Check out The Knot’s post on ten or should I say 20 registry items that do double duty. Most of the cited items are kitchenware, except the last item on the list which is a portable patio table that you can bring with you on outdoor concerts, tailgate parties or other outings. Another double-purpose item is a cake stand/punch bowl, a stylish carafe/flower vase, and a serving board/chalkboard. Being guided by this list would also save you from dealing with a cluttered kitchen in the near future. Check out the full article to find out the rest of the double-purpose items. Can you add more dual-purpose registry items to the list?

Read: 10 Registry Items That Do Double Duty