When it comes to planning your wedding reception, food is one of the most important aspects you need to deal with first. Last week’s best stories will help you with this wedding element, from the wedding dessert to the food bar. Check out the stories below:

13 Wedding Cakes with Stunning Lace Decorations – Lace is in for weddings this year. So, if you’re wearing a lace bridal gown on your special day, why not complement it with a lace-inspired wedding cake.

Important Tips for Self-Catering Your Wedding Dessert Reception – A dessert reception is a new trend in which the wedding party only serves desserts instead of a full meal. Know how to self-cater this type of reception through this post.

List of Great Canape Ideas to Serve at Your Wedding – Canapes are great food ideas to serve at your wedding. You might want to try out these canapé suggestions by Ben Purton.

Awesome Wedding Food Bar Ideas – A food bar gives your guests a variety of food choices. Here are a few awesome food bar ideas to inspire you.